before & after

Note - to see the photos in this section, please view on a flash site - thank you! The examples shown here are just small sampling of what I can do with your photos. In the first example you'll notice that the background distractions were removed and replaced with flames; the skin was smoothed and brightened; wrinkles were softened; lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara was digitally applied; the reds in the clothing and hair were brightened; the blue in the eyes was intensified; and glowing horns were added for a touch of devilish fun.

The second original photo of Crystal and her adorable kitty, Tigger in black and white was so darned cute, I just had to have my way with it! Shading was added to give Crystal a lovely sculpted look to her face; her skin was smoothed, she was given what I call a 'virtual eye brow wax' to give her brows a delicate shape that would nicely set off her pretty eyes; retro style makeup was added to her eyes to give them a dramatic, sensual look; olive green - a 'cats eye' color was selectively used on her shirt, eyes and Tigger's eyes to make them pop; the general contrast of the photo was bumped up to help bring out the tones in Tigger's fur and Crystal's face; and the area around Tigger's eyes were darkened to make them pop just a little more.

The third photo demonstrates that women aren't the only ones that may benefit from retouching! In this example the skin tone was brightened, the double chin was minimized, and the frown was turned 'upside-down' into a somewhat happier expression!

The final photo is a good example of a glamour photo retouch. The original had many background distractions that were cropped out; the leopard fabric was stretched to the edge of the photo; the model's neck was slimmed; her skin was smoothed; the corners of her lips were turned slightly upward creating a more pleasant expression; highlights were added to her hair, and the photo was converted to black and white, to give the photo a glamorous, retro look.